Tips for Getting Your First Apartment

If you are someone who’s credit record is not up to the mark? Or if you are someone with an embarrassing credit score, but you are looking for a first apartment? If yes, this article will help you to deal with that and help you to find the right apartment in the best way. Since credit record is very important when it comes to getting a first apartment, however, having a bad credit score does not mean that the significance of the other factors can be ignored which may make your case stronger.

Flawless Rental History

When it comes to the value of information about you in the viewpoint of the prospective landlord, your rental history is one of the key matters for the landlord to judge you. This means that if you have a good record of your past rental houses or property, it can turn the opinion of the landlord in favor despite the weak credit history. Moreover, a reference to vouch for your character is another factor that helps to reduce the negative tension or mistrust between the landlord and the potential tenant. The purpose of a reference is to ensure the landlord that you are the trustworthy person who would not create problems for the property owner. However, if this apartment is your first attempt, you will have to develop a good rental record. For example, if you are living with your parents, you could show the record of your share of the rent to prove the commitment and regularity in terms of paying for the cost. Furthermore, receipts from friend’s house, where you had a rental room can also be used as an evidence of your clean record.

Achieving High Income

Another way of making up for your poor record of credit is to work on increasing the monthly income, as your high income is one form of guarantee for the landlord in terms of getting the rent every month on time, because most of the landlords are concerned about getting the rent on the regular basis, among many other things. Therefore, if you can ensure that by showing the proof of your income, it may help to clear the doubts of the landlord about you, especially if it is your first time to get an apartment. For example, forty times more than the monthly rent of the apartment is often considered as a standard of a high income by the property owners. However, if you don’t know how to approach the landlord in terms of showing the evidence of the high income, you could mention it on your resume for the rental property or update the information on sites which are used by the renters to reach out to the landlords.

Role of Savings

Despite having the high income, if you struggle with saving money, your chances of getting the dream apartment may be decreased. In other words, if you have a record of bank statements that will show or give the landlord an estimate of your backup money, it may help to create a good impression on the landlord. Since the saved money would mean be a statement that you have a certain amount of money to pay the rent in advance or in the case of the bad patch in your life in terms of making money for the payment of the rent.

Direct Communication

As much as the role of above-mentioned factors is important in securing a good apartment for you, the role of an effective communication is another contributing factor. In simple words, it is an opportunity to not only make your concerns clear, but to hear the side of the landlord and to make your record in terms of financial situation and past record known. For example, if you have lost money in a business venture or if you have faced other kinds of financial difficulties, it gives you the right time to voice them out. Furthermore, if you get to meet the landlord in person you can frankly talk about mistakes or error in your report of record to establish good terms with the landlord.

Smart Mechanism to Pay the Rent

Even though it is a relatively new option, however, if you are keen on getting a particular apartment and your chances of getting the apartment are low, you could set up a separate account which would allow the landlord to deduct the monthly rent. The point is to offer something appealing to the landlord in terms of adopting creative approaches to pay the rent to the property owner. Moreover, the convenient way of fixing an amount for the property rent will become accessible for the landlord in addition to reducing your tension and efforts put into arranging the monthly rent. In addition, it is probably one of the best ways of establishing that you are a responsible person who will pay the rent on the fixed date.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

If you are someone who has no idea when it comes to narrowing down the apartments suitable to your needs, the option of availing the virtual tours offered by various companies may solve your problems, especially if you are someone who has a busy schedule and if it is hard for you to take time out for the visits of apartments. This means that you can survey all the apartments you like without having to leave your workplace or home. Additionally, if you opt for the virtual tours of the shortlisted real estate, you could narrow down the best apartments in accordance with your budget and preferences.


If you are someone who is can’t seem to achieve high income or who can’t pay cash up front, experts recommend that you find a close friend or family member who would be willing to pay the rent on your behalf if you fall short on money or in some case of emergency. This option will help to overcome the trust deficit and issues related to the weak credit record.

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