Raising a Child to Be Resilient

Life is full of tough challenges which sometimes knock down anyone. While some people get knocked out and get ready to try again the next day, some people give up and accept the first loss as total failure.

The most common reason for both these attributes in the people is upbringing. Here, it would be worth talking about a misconception that children get resilient by failing. Actually, failure can work a tonic to enhance resilience in the child only when the child is knows how to successfully deal with the failure. What they basically need is the support from their elders.

So, it would be worth discussing about the kind of support you can give to your child.

You should care about your child and develop better understanding

A sensation of ‘someone is watching my back’ really allows the child to explore things by taking necessary risks. He/she would know that you are there for the support if he/she fails to get something done. Therefore, if your child is not playing due to apparent sadness, you should not talk to the child in a way to inquire what’s wrong. Instead, you can show empathy and you should honor the grief the child would have at that moment. This way, you can help you child to move past the feeling of sorrow, failure or disappointment. May be you can start playing with him power wheel car ride.

Provide help in solving problems

There is a difference between helping in solving problems and solving problems. No wonder you may find it difficult to teach the problem solving, you need to do it any way. It will give your child the confidence and experience in dealing with the situation in which things would not seem favorable. On the other hand, if you are solving problems of your child by not letting the child raising a question, you are basically making him realize that he doesn’t have the ability to solve the problem, which is certainly not true. You need to make your child the problem solver rather than a person who would seek the help from problem solvers.

Ability to regulate emotions

You will have to make sure that your child doesn’t get overwhelmed by the emotions. This negative attribute is enough to make your child crumble. Therefore, you need to teach your kid to regulate emotions. This emotional regulation helps the children to deal with the fear or disappointment of losing, and frustration due to any reasons. You can teach them to overcome the setbacks. The real way you can help your child to regulate the emotions is that you can anticipate the emotional swing your child is riding on. At that time, you will need to limit your behavior.

Encourage your child to push through

You need to teach your kid to push through the obstacles in order to achieve the objectives. And you can do it by encouraging your child to stand up again and apply himself after falling down. Your child may complain about the tiredness but you will need to let go of the kindness for a while to ensure that your child is mastering in what he is doing.

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