How to mix Bathrooms with Farmhouses

For many people, having that homey farmhouse lifestyle is super popular. How can you get that in your home though? Are there ways to incorporate this? Well, one of the best things about your bathroom is that there are different ways to incorporate this in. From faux stone panels, to even overhauling the overall look of the bathroom in order to truly get the best feel. How can you incorporate a farmhouse feel to your bathroom? Well, you’re about to find out.

First consider the traditional elements in the farmhouse. A tub that is standalone for example, is something that you should consider. These are typically easy to install as well, and they look a lot better than some of the built in tubs as well.

Old time faucets and sinks actually look great as well in these. Even if the furniture is modern, incorporating this into it can really change it.

Faux stone panels, combined with hexagonal floor tiles, can add to this. the stone can help with this, and it can help bring forward a rustic sort of look, but the hexagon tiles are some that are definitely a lot prettier than the average floor. Hexagon floors might not seem like something that would fit, but in a sense, the aesthetic of this is that it gives it a bit of an old timey feel to it, while also working towards a more new and innovative look for it.

With the cabinets and such, sometimes getting them standalone, with a mirror vanity on it, can really help. You can get lights installed around the sides as well to give it a feel, but if you go for a more rustic and wooden look, it can often make the place look a whole lot homier, and a whole lot nicer for the person who is living in it.

One thing that you should keep in mind when you’re trying to mix the farmhouse style with your bathroom, is don’t go sophisticated and complicated. Farmhouse living isn’t some sort of complicated thing, and it’s relatively simple. You can include the luxurious walk-in shower if you want, of course, but if you want to truly go for the farmhouse aesthetic, you want to ensure that the furniture is simple, and definitely more furniture like. You want to look into the inset furniture, and see if it works as it’s flush against the wall.

Now, if you already have a modern bathroom that you love, but you don’t feel like trying to get all of this done, you can always paint. Start to go for a bit of a whitish color, or maybe a cream. Do something simple, in order to make it less dramatic. Add some plants into this, and if you want, sometimes putting a flowering border around the edge can certainly help with improving on the way that this looks, and it can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the bathroom.

Finally, consider the windows. If you want to give it a simplistic and farmhouse style, go for wired windows that have a latch onto them. Find one that fits your home, and work with that. Obviously, this is all on what you want, and it’s your choice on what type of home you’re going for, but you’d be surprised at the difference that this makes, and how much of a factor this can play into the overall feel of the home. Think about this, change your bathroom as needed in order to fit your needs, and from there, make the changes that you have to.

Creating a farmhouse look is easy, whether you want to make this complex and change everything, or add a simple farmhouse look with some faux stone panels. Whatever it might be and whatever works for you, try to make sure that it fits what you want it to look like. It’s pretty amazing what kind of a difference it can make, and it can help if you’re trying to recreate a simplistic lifestyle. It’s a lot of fun to try, and actually not that complicated, for you too can indulge in the farmhouse lifestyle immediately with these amazing tips.


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