Getting the home ready for that Christmas Vacation.

The countdown to Christmas is here, and with that, the countdown to vacation is on the way. If you are traveling away from the home, it’s important to make sure your home is in order before leaving. Creating a checklist of activities you can do before leaving can save you a ton of time as you are trying to leave, and it also can prevent you from forgetting something. Instead of creating this list yourself, we’ve put together some of the most helpful and most important ideas below to save you even more time, and get you back to being with your loved ones this Christmas.

The first idea is to make sure and collect everything that is outside, and securely put it away inside. If you’re like most families, you probably have a lot of toys, dog bones, yard tools, and other random items around your yard and around your driveway. Before leaving, take some time and assign each member of the family a spot to take care of. Gather up all the items, organize them, and make sure they get returned to the correct spot. This is also a great time to adjust any outdoor lights or other holiday items that may have come loose these past few weeks. An extra tip here is making sure the garage looks great before leaving. If you have to even dedicate a few extra minutes to making sure things are put away and organized, when you leave your home, the last thing you will see is a beautifully organized garage. This will get you feeling great and be the perfect thing to get your vacation started!

The second idea is to make sure you have those lights on a timer. Burglary rates rise up during the holidays because lots of families leave for vacation. One way to make those rates go down is to have timed lights going on and off in your house. You can also keep outdoor lights permanently on to make it look like someone is still at home. With smart speakers and other smart devices you can now set your Alexa to play music, or have your TV come on for a certain time and have a show be playing. Noises and lights are great ways to deter a potential burglar from entering your home.

Finally, make sure the beds are made. Similar to the first idea, making sure the inside of the house is straightened up and in order can create an incredibly good feeling as you are leaving for vacation. However, if you do not have time to get everything cleaned and tidied up, try and make sure to at least have your bed made and your bedroom looking great! Usually people return from a vacation feeling exhausted, so having that bed looking good will be extra important.

These ideas should get your checklist started for you, and feel free to add even more if you think of them! Getting the home looking great before leaving is a truly rewarding feeling and will make that vacation that much more enjoyable.


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